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Who We Are

Wilburg Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. is a strategic alliance between group of Facility Management professionals (formerly known as AWC). The alliance has increased the ability to bring, and capacity for delivering, new practices and technology in the field of maintenance to our customers and users. It’s a beginning of India’s specialized facility maintenance services.
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  • Wilburg-CII Waste Management Summit 2014 Ushering a dynamic recycling movement in the country
    Wilburg Holdings joined hands with the Environment and Recycling Council of CII and supported every endeavour in promoting an environment of organized waste management and recycling movement in the country.
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  • Strategic Alliance with RICS London for Facility Management Workshops
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Our Core Belief

about usAs a specialist in facility management, it is our responsibility to assist the organizations around us to attain a higher state in service delivery of their core business. Recognizing the need to go beyond today’s standards and practices, we are willing to take a bold step in promoting the concept of excellence in everything we do with belief that it will be the platform for leap in excellence for our customers.

In our industry, it is about creating clean spaces, efficient facilities and systems, which provides the clear vision for the customers to excel in what they do best. It is about creating healthy workplaces with superior working environments for our employees and customers.

We recognize that this takes more than employing the latest research, technology and practices. It begins with taking a step back to first define what are the things we look for and value in life. It is only with the change of attitude and mind set that we can re-define our research, technology and practices to augment the environments for core excellence, not for just ourselves but the generations to come.

Our Core Competencies

Our value lies in our integrated approach in delivering efficient facilities operations and management. In our quest to attain high standing in the facilities management service industry, we give our customer peace-of-mind in knowing that their facilities function as they are expected to, delivering superior returns and satisfactions to their users. Our business proposition is centered towards providing our customers with one-stop solution, where they can access our services from a single point of contact. This eliminates the need for our customers to keep abreast of diverse knowledge and deal with the complexities of their facility operations and frees them to focus on their core business.

  • Core Focus Areas

  • Monitor and control performance in normal modes of operation and in optimum operational conditions

  • Customization of Operational modes

  • Verification of performance in accordance to design Site Specific Implementation Plan (SSIP)

  • Ensure the proper functioning of the building components

  • Increase the life of the buildings and supporting systems

  • Ensure the safety of the buildings, occupants and capital equipment

  • Formulation of policies specific to the requirements of the complex.

  • Carry all kinds of preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance works based on a comprehensive computerized planned maintenance program and schedules

  • Technical Advisory Services

  • Understanding the needs of the occupants / customers and ensuring comfortable and uninterrupted environment

  • Support of the occupants to help, guide, help, safe and contribute towards the environment


  • Prolong the life and improve the capability of the facilities to perform at their optimal potentials
  • Reduce operating interruptions and failures while the asset is in use
  • Maintain the aesthetic qualities of the facilities to ensure maximum comfort
  • Maintain entire facility to optimum operating condition, ensuring that requirements are not compromised
  • Reduce risk of fire and other hazards
  • Operate the systems/assets in the facility in a most cost effective and efficient manner


Human Resource


  • Freeing staffs from performing IFM related task (including issuance of PO, follow-ups etc)
  • Focus shall be its core business


  • Motivation for increased efficiency and productivity
  • Availability of highly trained and skilled manpower to ensure that the KPIs are met


  • Fixed Profit Sharing % – regardless of the age of the assets
  • Transfer of financial risk – e.g.: price escalation, inflation
  • Long term savings – cost of doing business will rise but customer pays a fixed amount throughout the contract duration (Time value of money)


  • Greater incentives to use high quality products to minimize breakdowns
  • Encourages high quality workmanship to eliminate re-work

Performance Management

  • A set of KPIs to be introduced to address the deliverables

Business Sectors

  • Residential

  • Corporate

  • Retail

  • Hospital

  • Infrastructure

  • Education

  • Hospitality

Facilities & Services

Building and Facilities Engineering Management

What often takes away the customers’ focus from their core activities is the increasing technical complexity of building facilities and their mechanical, electrical and other systems, and the need for increased reliability.

Our role is to take care of these technical complexities and the need for a reliable and efficient facility operation for our customers, thus, allowing them to focus on their core business. This involves mechanical, electrical and civil engineering support including maintenance and management of:

  • Air-conditioning and Ventilation
  • Buildings
  • Fire Protection
  • Infrastructure like roads, drainage, etc
  • Energy Management
  • Electrical Installation
  • Plumbing, Sanitary and Sewerage System

Our strict dedication to quality by adopting international standards such as the Health Technical Memorandum, the Codes of practices, the related Indian Standards and the Manufacturing recommendations, and translating them into actions through various maintenance strategies such as

  • Reactive Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance

enables us to achieve immediate attendance to emergencies and maintain uptime performance for engineering facilities that we manage.

House Keeping

Our customers’ comfort is our utmost priority. From clean corridors to pleasant restrooms. From clean workstations to sanitized operating theaters. The combined experience of maintaining cleanliness and healthy environment surely provides the assurance to our potential customers.

Such scale of work requires efficient system and stringent adherence to the industry’s best practices. We are committed to employ the latest technology and specialized tools and equipments to ensure that we meet our customers’ specified standards of hygiene and safety.


Our commitment to our customers goes beyond cleanliness and efficiency of facilities we manage. We take care of their safety as well. From residential to complexes, we give grave attention to this aspect of our customers’ operations. Our dedicated team has placed systematic performance management to motivate and have the team alert at all times. This provides peace-of-mind to the customers in delivering the services to their end-users.

Facility Grounds and Landscape

We are committed to create a more green spaces and our team of professionals help our clients in delivering superior quality services. Offered at cost effective prices, our expert assists and helps in following are the Horticulture Services that we offer:

  • Watering, weeding, mowing the plants regularly top dressing, pruning of the plants
  • Periodical spraying of pesticides and fungicides and fertilizers
  • Renovation of old lawns and planting of seasonal varieties
  • Nursery maintenance, providing seasonal plants
  • Conversion of garbage to fertilisers

Pest Controls

Our professional pest management services can be tailored to suit individual business needs. You can specify the level and frequency of service that you require, to meet the needs of your client. We can protect businesses from all types of pests, both indoors and outdoors, including rodents, crawling and biting insects and birds.

Clinical Engineering Management

Consistent delivery of patient care depends heavily on the uptime performance of the clinical equipment. We take greatcare to deliver this service where dedicated teams are ready to provide comprehensive preventive and corrective medical equipment maintenance management for various types of medical disciplines:

  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Therapeutic Equipment
  • Operating Theaters
  • Radiology Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment


Helpdesk Functions

All incoming communications (phone, fax, email & online portal requests) from clients are managed from the start to finish. The following are key capabilities of the Helpdesk:

  • Logging & Monitoring
  • Unique Reference Numbers
  • Asset Management
  • Statistical Data
  • Prioritisation
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Detailed Reporting

Helpdesk Benefits

helpdesk Benefits
  • Effectively managing preventative maintenance calendars ensuring SLA agreements and KPIs are met
  • Planned and preventative maintenance schedule tailored for critical assets to establish pre-determined response in case of failure for reactive works
  • Reports and Data Analysis are provided to enable critical business decision making
  • Peformance Monitoring of KPIs and SLA leading to proactive and reactive performance
  • Call performance with response time analysis
  • Asset Management & Fault Reports
  • Enabling of Electronic Transaction
  • Financial Performance Reports with planned versus spend actual expenditure

Centralized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

Our greatest strength lies in collating the entire services under a single system. This tool of technology, Centralised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), enables us to respond to our customers needs promptly and implement our maintenance strategies systematically leading to the creation of environments for our customer to excel in their core business.

From the commissioning of assets to decommissioning. From breakdown maintenance to the planned preventive maintenance. From joint inspection for cleansing to weight of soiled linen. This added value ability realizing from CMMS is managed systematically through the presence of Helpdesk in our facility management system.

CMMS is a comprehensive service integrator, which provides the platform for an efficient reporting and archiving. Availability of information from ‘cradle to grave’ of any equipment, facilities or systems provide the customer the strategic advantage in planning of their business in terms of capital expenses for enhancement of their facilities.

Besides being commercially progressive in their core service, the CMMS also provides the avenue to be still in touch with their facilities and the activities that occurs around it.

Indoor Air Quality Management

Wilburg, with Germguard Technologies specialise in Indoor Air Quality Services and Solutions. Our expertise is to help one to “create a cleaner and healthier indoor environment” for all the occupants, tenants and employees in buildings and premises nationwide.

Indoor Air Quality ( IAQ)

Poor IAQ is one of the leading causes of illnesses and loss of productivity, be it in commercial or non commercial buildings. Studies show that Poor IAQ affects approximately 20% to 30% of buildings around the world especially in countries with tropical climate. IAQ is defined as ‘The Totality of Attributes of Indoor Air That Affects a Person’s Health and Well-Being’.

The term Sick Building Syndrome (“SBS”) is used to describe a range of specific and non-specific complaints reported by occupants of a building. These symptoms such as headache, eye irritation, nose and throat irritation and general fatigue are found to be associated with a person's presence in a building. These symptoms subside when a person is away from a particular building for some time and return once the person is back to the same building.

IAQ in Buildings have received increasing attention in the past years from scientists, engineers, regulatory groups and the public. There is a growing concern and mounting evidence that our indoor environment may be responsible for persistent and irritating health effects. Traditionally, it has been assumed that people were protected from air pollution when indoors, particularly near industrialized areas. Current research indicates that our indoor air may be more polluted than the outdoor air.

This increased concern is accompanied by the realization that most people spend 80% to 90% of their time indoors and that the young, aged and health-compromised may be at greater risk.

Germguard’s Expertise

GERMGUARD provides the full range of innovative Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) services and solutions to owners, operators and tenants of Medical Facility, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial and Government Buildings in Malaysia and regionally.

GERMGUARD has made significant inroads in its fight against bacteria, fungus, viruses, air pollutants and diseases caused through neglected air ducts in most buildings. With a strong belief in the delivery of superior IAQ services and solutions, using of technologically advanced equipment and analytical techniques, GERMGUARD has attracted prominent clients in both the government and private sectors, including healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, malls, the hospitality industry, offshore plants, educational institutions, airports, manufacturing plants and corporate buildings in Malaysia.

Our speciality is providing IAQ Solutions in the area of Microbial Assessment and the implementation of proven effective forward defence mechanisms against a broad spectrum of pathogenic microorganisms and other IAQ parameters. This includes Environmental Consulting, Engineering Evaluation Services, Building Diagnostics, Laboratory Services and Building Remediation, as well as meeting the challenges posed by Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), Building Related Illnesses (BRI) and Hospital Acquired Illnesses (HAI).

GERMGUARD has invested substantially in Research & Development, staff training and in using technologically advanced equipments in carrying out comprehensive audit and remedial services.

This has given the company utmost flexibility to carry out IAQ services in multiple locations at any one time. GERMGUARD has undertaken more than 4.8 million sq. ft. of comprehensive decontamination of fungal and infection control measures at buildings and healthcare facilities. This is a testimony to our clients’ confidence in GERMGUARD’s competency as the Leader in providing IAQ solutions in the region.

GERMGUARD is an ISO 9001:2008 certified (Provision of Indoor Air Quality Services and Bioaerosols Controls) company, accredited by UKAS and The Department of Standards, Malaysia. We are the first in Malaysia to be certified as an Air System Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) and Ventilation System Mold Remediator (VSMR) by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), USA.

Services Provided

  • Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing & assessment / audit in order to determine the current state of IAQ in the buildings;
  • Corrective and remedial Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) works based on the testing & assessment / audit reports of the respective buildings; and
  • To carry out planned preventive maintenance (PPM) programme for the respective buildings upon completion of the corrective and remedial works.

The Way Forward

We believe India is in the midst of a quality revolution. Society now demand the highest standards in ensuring quality life. From healthy diets to healthy work lives. In this era, products and services are now being created with the present and future well being of its users specifically in mind.

In our industry it is no different. People demand intelligent and healthy facilities like natural lighting, bacteria free corridor, clean water, refreshing work spaces etc. With strong dedication and relentless efforts to strive for excellence, Wilburg is at the forefront of this revolution by introducing latest innovation in augmenting conducive environments & new knowledge and technology that reduces wastage, maximize asset efficiency and life. Thus, creating feel good environments for our customers.

Being part of this revolution, the need arises to quest for the right alliance to alleviate the excellence of your core services to a new height. The alliance can only begin with Wilburg.


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